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How to Change Your Minecraft Skin in Java, Bedrock, and PE

by Nikola Pajtic

Minecraft’s popular open-world is more fun to explore if your character can change looks from time to time, right? Well, you can do so quickly, no matter whether you are playing Bedrock or Java Edition. The process is simple for all Minecraft versions. Just follow these simple steps to change your Minecraft skin. 

How to Change Skins in Minecraft

Add a little flavor to your world with cosmetics. Minecraft skins offer plenty of options to dress and impress your character. Here’s what to do:

Changing Minecraft Skin in Java Edition

  • Open the Minecraft launcher and make sure that you have selected the Java edition.
  • Click on the ‘Skins’ tab at the top of the center section. 
  • Now, choose a skin that you have in your library already, or click on the ‘add skin’ option.
  • When adding new skins, you can either create them yourself via websites such as the Skindex or edit an existing template and edit it through the Minecraft Skin Editor. Just make sure that you save the files under the PNG extension. 

Changing Minecraft Skin in Bedrock Edition

Changing Minecraft Skin in Bedrock edition is slightly different but as easy and smooth as in Java Edition:

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher, but instead of Java, click on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Now click on the ‘Dressing Room’ tab on the right. 
  • This will open a plethora of available skins. You can either edit the character or click on the blank slots and Create Character. The next window will have you choosing between ‘Character’ and ‘Classic Skin’.

No matter what you select, you will get two different ways of customizing your character:

  • The Character Creator menu which will customize the entire outlook of your character and its clothes. 
  • The Classic Skins menu will let you buy a skin that someone else has already made, or you can upload your own skin. Click on the ‘Owned Skins’ options and then click the Choose New Skin tab. 

Changin Minecraft Skin in Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is made for mobile devices. You can change the Minecraft skin by visiting a third-party Minecraft skin website and then downloading what you want.

  • Open the Dressing Room from the main menu screen when you open the Minecraft application. 
  • When you click on the three horizontal bars on the top left of your screen, it will reveal the ‘Classic Skins’ option. 
  • Select ‘Owned’ and when a dropdown menu appears, click on the gray skin. Next, tap on the ‘Choose new skin’ option and simply select what you want to use as your new skin. 

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