How to Fix the Fortnite Matchmaking Error – Common Issues and Fixes

Resolve your matchmaking errors and dive into the battle royale once more!

Fortnite Matchmaking Errors Fix
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Imagine this: You finally have a chance to sit down after a long day and enjoy your favorite battle royale, but lo and behold, a matchmaking error. Here is how to fix the Fortnite matchmaking error with common issues and fixes for all.

How to Resolve the Fortnite Matchmaking Error

If you’re suffering from Fortnite matchmaking errors that keep you from enjoying the battle royale, here are a few potential causes and fixes:

  • VPN: It happens, unfortunately, but running a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can block your connection to Fortnite. If so, we recommend shutting off your VPN for now and relaunching the game.
  • Network Changes: If you’ve recently undergone any network changes, you may find connecting difficult due to the servers reading your location and server as incorrect. You may need to reset your connection.
  • Slow Internet: If you have a slow internet connection, which can’t always be helped, resetting your Wi-Fi may help resolve the problem. Conversely, if possible, we recommend using a direct Ethernet connection when playing online.
  • Corrupted Files: Occasionally, a recent update may not download as intended, leaving behind corrupted files that will prevent the game from connecting to the host servers. It will outright block the matchmaking process. You may need to re-verify the files and redownload the update.

What Causes the Fortnite Matchmaking Error?

There are several reasons why you may experience the common and annoying Fortnite matchmaking error, including:

  • It’s common for matchmaking errors to occur when there is a significant spike in traffic, as in too many people trying to connect to the servers all at the same time. This typically happens after significant updates, like the recent Fortnite OG update.
  • On occasion, such errors present because of your internet connection. You may need to reset your modem/router.

No matter the cause, we hope the fixes mentioned above work and that you can play Fortnite shortly!

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