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How to Fix The Callisto Protocol Crashing on PC

The true horror is losing your progress

by Daphne Fama

The highly anticipated survival horror game, The Callisto Protocol released on December 2, 2022. But despite months of aggressive social media campaigning and plenty of teasers that showed a well-refined and stunning product, many PC players booted up the game only to have it crash or stutter.

It’s difficult to immerse yourself in the murder prison that pilot Jacob Lee finds himself in if you can’t even swing a baton before everything freezes up. Fortunately for players, Striking Distance Studios has announced that they’ll be releasing another patch, which will hopefully iron out some of the kinks and technical difficulties that players are facing.

In the interim, players can try these methods to try to fix the issue.

How to Fix The Callisto Protocol Crashing on PC

One fix players have found that seems to work is to reupload the game from a previous auto-save. Ideally, several auto-saves from before you crashed, to ensure you’re not loading an already corrupted save. If that fails, you can attempt the chapter over to see if that works.

If you’re still experiencing crashes, there are a few other solutions you can try.

Restart and update the game

If The Callisto Protocol has crashed on you, ensure that you update it again. Even if Steam automatically updates your games for you, it’s prudent to try to update The Callisto Protocol manually, just to cover your bases.

Check the system requirements

Sometimes a crash occurs because of a hardware incompatibility. Check the game requirements listed on the Steam page for The Callisto Protocol. If your system only barely meets the required threshold, it’s possible you’ll encounter stuttering or lagging, especially if there are other programs running in the background.

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Update the video card driver

It’s important to keep your graphic card updated. An outdated driver is one of the most common reasons new games crashes. If your graphic driver hasn’t been updated in some time, now might be a good time to see if it’s up to date.

Install Windows Updates

Like keeping your driver up to date, keeping your windows version up to date will ensure there are fewer software errors. Software errors are a leading cause of crashes for new games.

 Verify integrity of game files

This is a quick and easy solution to games crashing. To do this, launch Steam. Go to your library and find The Callisto Protocol. Right click and select properties. From the side menu, select Local Files. Then from the provided options, select Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will begin the repair process. Run The Callisto Protocol to see if crashing persists.

Delete and Reinstall

If all else fails, there’s one more option. You can delete The Callisto Protocol from your Steam library and reinstall it.

If you’ve done each of these steps, you’ve completed your due diligence. Your last hope is that the patch from Striking Distance Studios comes through and is able to smooth out the technical difficulties you’ve been facing. Good luck.

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