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Does The Callisto Protocol Have New Game Plus?

Sometimes one frolic through a space prison full of abominations simply isn't enough

by Daphne Fama

Survival horror game The Callisto Protocol released on December 2, 2022, after an aggressive social media campaign that garnered it significant attention. As players war in comment sections whether it’s worthy of 5 stars or simply “mid”, others are already looking into post-game activities.

Pilot Jacob Lee finds himself incarcerated in Black Iron Prison, a penitentiary on one of the moons of Callisto. But the same day he finds himself behind bars, prisoners-turned-monsters begin to run rampant, tearing the prison and those within apart.

Jacob Lee must navigate this desolate prison and the aggressive, mutated biophages that roam its halls if he has any hope of surviving. But doing so won’t be easy.

If players are able to complete all eight chapters, which run most players between nine and fourteen hours, they may want to complete through the game again. This is a game that can be mapped out for speed running, with easily missed collectibles and even a hidden weapon, so it’s a fantastic game to do a second play through on.

Does The Callisto Protocol Have New Game Plus?

But is there a new game plus?

Unfortunately, players who finish the game now won’t have the immediate option to start a New Game+. Striking Distance Studios stated in a tweet that New Game+ will come on February 7, 2023, for all players. Players will also have the option to play hardcore mode, a mode that will reduce healing items and bullets, on the same day.

The release of New Game+ will be in tandem with The Callisto Protocol’s first Season Pass, which will include the Outer Way Skin Collection. But this won’t be all. For dedicated players of this survival game, there will be bundled released in March and in the spring of 2023, followed by new story content in the summer.

That leaves plenty of time for players to perfect their dodges in the meantime.

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