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How to Fix Speak to the Bookers Glitch in Alan Wake 2

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Some players might encounter a small issue at the beginning of their gameplay in Alan Wake 2 where they’ll find themselves unable to speak with the Bookers at the Oh Deer Diner. Fortunately, this small annoyance has quite an easy fix, and here’s what you’ll need to do.

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How to Fix the Speak to the Bookers Glitch in Alan Wake 2

Once you start controlling Officer Saga Anderson, your first mission is to interrogate the Bookers at the Diner. But if for some reason you can’t do just that, open your inventory and make sure your pistol is equipped. Once you do, try to speak with them again, and the conversation should follow as usual.

This is a fairly early problem that happens for some unknown reasons, but at least it’s an easy one to play around. Although the game has been receiving praise in many of its areas and innovations compared to the first entry in the series, there have been many complaints about other similar issues players have been experiencing during their own playthroughs.

Some of those include some simple audio problems to other larger performance issues, which were already a point of concern for some. But performance mode seems to be quite effective in this title, so it can definitely be a workaround until a proper patch fixing this and other minor bugs finally roll out.

But there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this sequel 13 years in the making for now. And if you need any help with a difficult part, such as finding the Manuscript in the Cauldron Lake Campground or making sure you’re not missing out on any of the many collectibles in the game, make sure to keep browsing through our dedicated section in Prima Games.

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