How to Find the Manuscript Fragment in the Cauldron Lake Campgrounds

One lunchbox down, twenty more to go...


Manuscript fragments have a long tradition in Alan Wake, and it’s a particularly good idea to gather them in Alan Wake 2. Here’s how to find the Cauldron Lake Campgrounds Manuscript Fragment in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find the First Manuscript Fragment in Alan Wake 2

Manuscript fragments have been a part of the Alan Wake series since time immemorial. But in Alan Wake 2 they serve a very important purpose: they let you upgrade your weapon. To that end, it’s a good idea to grab the first available Manuscript Fragment in the Cauldron Lake Campgrounds. This will save you the time and trouble of backtracking here later.

To find the Manuscript Fragment in the Cauldron Lake Campgrounds, head towards the first crime scene. Once you’ve jumped down the broken stairs, you should see a billboard for the mountain in the background, Mirror Peak.

 Follow the path straight. You’ll see one path that goes down, towards the crime scene. Don’t take this path.

Instead, continue following the path until you reach a second fork in the road.

Take this trail until you hit the dead end with a sign for the Mortar Falls. To the left of this sign, hidden in the bushes, is your first Manuscript Fragment.

It’s hidden inside of a Cold Case lunchbox. Which really suits the whole mom on a murder investigation vibe.

While we can’t read the manuscript fragments we find, we can use them by going into Sage’s Mind Palace. Just open up the map, then tab over to the icon of a gun to access Sage’s available weapons. The weapons will appear as gun magazines, which you can click to see all the available upgrade options. If you’re at the start of the game, you’ll only be able to upgrade your Service Pistol.

You’ll have three choices for the Service Pistol, each of which requires between 12 and 18 Manuscript fragments. Which is why it’s so important to grab as many as you can!

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