Alan Wake 2: How to Fix Audio Issues

Time to Remedy those audio issues.

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Alan Wake 2 is finally out and ready to be played by many, but for a good handful of you, technical issues are likely holding you back from your enjoyment. Here’s how to fix your audio issues with Alan Wake 2.

How to Fix Audio Problems With Alan Wake 2

This will be a compendium of fixes for most Alan Wake 2 audio issues. Some of these only apply to certain platforms, though I’ll be sure to include that in the headings so you can scroll past them. With that out of the way, let’s get started with the fixes.

Change Your Audio Settings (Xbox)

For Xbox users, some have reported a particular fix with the audio settings, solving the problem. To do this fix, go into the Audio settings of your Xbox console and change one of the settings to “Stereo Uncompressed”. From there, close and start Alan Wake 2 up again. This should fix the audio issues for some.

Change Your Audio Settings (All Platforms)

While this applies to all platforms, it’s especially useful to check your audio settings on your PC to see if something is screwed up. It’s possible that, for whatever reason, Alan Wake 2 changed some settings or needs something enabled. I also tend to have some slight audio problems when I update my graphics drivers on PC if that helps at all.

Restart Your Game/Platform

As is the classic, sometimes restarting both your game and your console/PC can solve the issue. Typically, you want to start with the game since the system is slightly more annoying. However, restarting the system covers both bases instantly.

Test Both Headphones and Speakers

If one type of audio input device isn’t working for you, test out the other one and see if that works a little better. You may have to change some settings to get it to register that you’re using a new audio setup.

Reinstall Your Game

If all else fails, you may be forced to reinstall the game. It’s possible that some files related to audio got corrupted during either install or play, so you’ll want to reinstall to fix it. If you’re on PC, you can also verify the game files to avoid a massive install. To do this, open your library on the Epic Games Store. Click the three dots next to Alan Wake 2, click Manage, then Verify.

If you’re looking for more help with the game, check out our guide explaining the expansion pass for Alan Wake 2.

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