Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass Explained

Two expansions for fairly cheap.

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Alan Wake 2’s Deluxe Edition comes with a welcome handful of goodies, though the main selling point is the Expansion Pass. Here’s everything included in the Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass, along with how much content it should give you.

Everything Included in the Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass

The Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass will offer two expansions, Night Springs and Lake House. These expansions are additional story content and will be released sometime after launch. Alongside this, you’ll get the Nordic shotgun skin for Saga. This isn’t anything that’ll grant a bonus, and seems to be just a nice cosmetic.

As for those two expansions, the amount of content they’ll offer currently isn’t clear. However, we can use Remedy Entertainment’s previous game, Control, to do some guesswork. The expansions for that game, The Foundation and AWE, took about 3-4 hours to beat each. While Alan Wake 2 is touted as being around double the length of the previous game, it’s likely the expansions won’t follow suit. Without concrete data yet though, who knows?

Is the Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass Worth Getting?

As for whether you should get the Alan Wake 2 Expansion Pass, that’ll depend heavily on how much you value price per dollar. The Deluxe Edition (which is how you get the Expansion Pass at the time of writing) costs $20 more than the base version of the game. If you think that’s worth it for at least six hours of additional content, then it could be worthwhile for you. Both expansions for Control were reviewed fairly well, so they’re likely to be of quality.

As for me personally, I’ll be waiting until the expansions release before grabbing them. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the first Alan Wake as most people are, so I want to make sure the game itself is good. I also don’t normally pre-order things, so I’ll be keeping that rule going.

If you’re looking for more information prior to release, check out our guide on how to preload Alan Wake 2 on all platforms.

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