How to Preload Alan Wake 2 on All Platforms

Get some spook installed on your device early, if you can.

Alan Wake 2 Saga Fighting a Creature
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Alan Wake 2 is set to go live this Friday, but some people are wanting to download it early so they can play it the minute it launches. Here’s how to preload Alan Wake 2 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Where to Preload Alan Wake 2 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Naturally, preloading Alan Wake 2 will vary depending on which platform you’re playing it on. I’ve split it up based on each platform below:

PlayStation 5

Alan Wake 2 opens up for preloading on PlayStation 5 on October 25. When it does, head to the store page for Alan Wake 2 on your console. Provided you’ve pre-ordered the game, the option to preload it should be available.

Xbox Series X|S

Similar to PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S owners will want to head to Alan Wake 2’s store page on October 25. Once there, the option to preload the game should become available.


Unlike the other two platforms, we’re in the dark about whether you’ll be able to preload Alan Wake 2 on the Epic Games Store. I’ve pre-ordered the game there myself, and I have no details on preloading or anything of the sort. It says the game will be released on October 26 at 9 PM PT. If this changes I’ll be sure to update this section, but for now, there’s nothing further to report.

What Should You Do to Prepare for Preloading?

If you’re looking to preload Alan Wake 2, it’s important to free up some space on your device. The game’s requirements list 90 GB of SSD space needing to be free to run the game. If you want to play it safe, then you should ensure you have 100 GB free instead. Other than that, be ready to leave that device on for a while, depending on your internet speed. 90 GB is nothing small to download.

If you’re looking for more information before the game’s launch, check out our guide on if Alan Wake 2 is coming to Game Pass.

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