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How to Fix Pokemon GO Daily Incense Not Working

Don't let your lure go to waste!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Daily Adventure Incense

Back in July of 2022, Niantic added the daily version of the Incense Lure that Trainers use to spawn as many Pokemon in the wild as possible. Sometimes this Daily Adventure Incense comes with issues in Pokemon GO, and if you’re going to make the most of the daily, you need a fix.

The problems that occur for these Lures, whether it’s standard or something else, can change and cause even more confusion. Sometimes there is a genuine error and other times there is an issue with time in Pokemon GO. Either way, we’ll go over how you can fix these problems so you can keep on popping Lures.

Pokemon GO – How to Fix Daily Incense Not Working

To kick off this guide, we’ll start with the obvious. Niantic made changes to Incense Lures last year that reverted them back to movement-based items. Trainers need to walk in order for the Incense to spawn Pokemon, so if you’re expecting to use one in the house, you’ll be disappointed. But that doesn’t mean walking is always the issue.

Sometimes there can be issues related to the cache in the game. The game cache can be cleared in your app settings, or you can simply restart the game entirely. Resetting the game and potentially logging out of your account can help resolve some issues, especially after updates are introduced.

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One final issue is the timing of the Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO. Trainers that attempt to use their Incense any time from 11:45 PM to 12:00 AM local time will not be able to activate the item. Because the new item arriving would overlap, Niantic stops any use at that time. Otherwise, your Daily Incense should be good to go in the wilds of Pokemon GO.

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