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All Crackling Voltage Field Research Tasks – Pokemon GO


by Daniel Wenerowicz
Crackling Voltage

There are no Special Research Stories or Timed Research tasks coming to Pokemon GO with the Crackling Voltage event, which is unlike so many other weeks. However, we do have some new Field Research tasks we can tackle to fill the void that Niantic left in the event.

Crackling Voltage begins on January 27 and will run until February 5 on that Sunday. That gives Trainers plenty of time to get Pokemon like Voltorb or Emolga that won’t be spawning in the wild at all. In this guide, we’ll list every Field Research Task for the event and the rewards that follow with each one.

Pokemon GO – All Crackling Voltage Field Research Tasks

For this event, there are four different Field Research Tasks that Trainers can pick up to earn some event-specific Pokemon. All of them are Electric-types which is a different trend than the mix we see from the wild spawns. Below you can see each task and the possible rewards.

Field Research Task Encounters:

  • Catch 5 Pokemon – Plusle or Minun encounter
  • Power up Pokemon 3 times – Voltorb or Hisuian Voltorb encounter
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times – Helioptile encounter
  • Walk 3 km – Emolga encounter

To pick these tasks up, all you need to do is spin a PokeStop anywhere on the map. Each stop gives you a daily Field Research Task in Pokemon GO as long as you haven’t already completed one from that spot. Not every task you receive will be part of the event, so be careful of which ones you keep. Most of the time, event versions are labeled, and they will always have one of the challenges found above. Get them while you can and hope for the best with each reward encounter that is provided.

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