Every Wild Spawn During Crackling Voltage Pokemon GO

Stock up on Electric-types.

Crackling Voltage Spawns
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Starting on January 27, players can begin searching the wild in Pokemon GO for special spawns thanks to Crackling Voltage. Not only will we get a couple of shiny debuts to keep us hooked on catches, but there are plenty of Electric-types that Trainers can stock up on.

Whether you need them for PvP in the Electric Cup or you just want a decent Helioptile for your inventory, this isn’t an event you’ll want to skip out on for wild spawns. We’ll cover which spawns you can encounter as you adventure in the real world and which ones have a chance to be shiny in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Crackling Voltage – Every Wild Spawn

Three types of Pokemon seem to be the most common during the Crackling Voltage event. Of course, Trainers can expect to find Electric-types in the wild and in raids. Along with Electric, there are a few Steel and Poison-type Pokemon that will join the rest as wild spawns. You can find the full list below.

Crackling Voltage Wild Spawns and Shiny Pokemon:

  • Ekans – Can be shiny.
  • Magnemite – Can be shiny.
  • Grimer – Can be shiny.
  • Electrike – Can be shiny.
  • StunkyNo shiny form.
  • Blitzle – Can be shiny.
  • Ferroseed – Can be shiny.
  • Helioptile – Can be shiny (debut).
  • GrubbinNo shiny form.
  • Beldum (rare) – Can be shiny.
  • Dedenne (rare) – Can be shiny.

To make the most of the spawns during the event, you should use any Lure items you have available until February 5. These include Daily Adventure Lures, Incense, and Lure modules as methods for having as many of these wild spawns in the event appear. Sometimes normal spawns will pop up, so don’t worry if everything isn’t Electric or Steel.

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