How to Fix PlayStation Party Chat Network Error

How to solve the Party Chat network error

PlayStation’s Party Chat feature allows users to stay connected while gaming, however, even this feature isn’t rid of errors. As such, it can have some issues that can keep players from enjoying their experience together. This guide will present you with some possible solutions for the PlayStation Party Chat Network Error. That way, you can keep communicating with your friends across the PlayStation platform.

Fixing the PlayStation Party Chat Network Error

To fix the PlayStation Party Chat network error, try the following troubleshooting methods:

1) Reboot your Modem/Router

One of the most common solutions for this problem is restarting your internet connection. Turning the modem off, unplugging the power cable, waiting 10 seconds, and then plugging the power cable and turning the power back on often allows the modem to rid itself of any errors and allow the internal system to refresh itself. As such, it never hurts to try out this tried and true solution.

2) Check for PS4/PS5 Updates

Sometimes, a firmware update disparity between users can keep them from connecting through Party Chat together. As such, it’s always worth keeping the console updated to make sure that there isn’t any disparity between the Party chat participants.

3) Check PlayStation Network Server Status

Perhaps the issue isn’t on the user’s end, and the issue lies within PlayStation’s network service itself. It’s worth checking the PSN server page or Downdetector to see whether or not the PlayStation Network service is down at the current moment. If the servers are down, you at least know that many more users are experiencing the issue besides yourself.

If you have gotten another kind of error on your PlayStation experience, you might have experienced the Error code E-8210604A. If so, we’ve got you covered as we have made a comprehensive guide that tells you the exact steps on how to fix the error.

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