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How to Fix PlayStation Error Code E-8210604A – Answered

Let's fix this nonsense error for you real quick.

by Nikola L

Error codes may be both inconvenient and beneficial to the user who sees them, really.
While error codes are indeed great because they can help you identify the problem you are experiencing better, making it easier for you to find articles like this without spending hours scouring the internet for your device’s symptoms and trying to guess the wording people would use on various tech forums, nobody really wants to see them. They just want to use their product without any sort of problems, obstructions, etc. Prima Games has researched this issue and we will be glad to help you resolve it.

How to Solve PlayStation Error Code E-8210604A

Based on what we have learned, this error code appears when you are trying to buy or extend your PS Plus membership.
So, let’s go from the top down on what you should do:

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  1. Check your payment method. It may be an inappropriate claim, but it sometimes happens that you (seemingly) do not have enough funds on your credit card. This can also happen due to a reservation on your payment method which temporarily blocks a portion of your funds, if you have, for example, bought something else online recently. Try another payment method while you’re at it (if available!).
  2. Power cycle your Wi-Fi Router and PlayStation. Just turn them off and unplug them for about 20-30 seconds, and then plug everything back in and turn everything on.
  3. If this didn’t help, log out of your PlayStation Network account and try logging back in.
  4. We didn’t want it to come to this, but if the previous steps didn’t help, contact PlayStation support and let them know what troubleshooting you have gone through so far. It will help them assess your situation better.
  5. An alternative solution is to buy a PS Plus membership from a third-party site that is an authorized distributor of these vouchers. Make sure to check the seller through and through before your purchase, just to avoid some headaches.

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