How to Fix Payday 3 Matchmaking Error on Xbox and PC

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What fun is a multiplayer heist game if you can’t play with friends? While the action is solid in Payday 3, the sheer number of server-side issues that have plagued the game since release are not. Rather than reaching for the refund button, let’s find out if there are any ways to resolve these server issues on their own with some troubleshooting steps, so we can prepare ourselves to jump into this world with our friends once again.

Payday 3 Matchmaking Errors: How To Fix On PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

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Since Payday 3 is an always online game, it can be difficult if the servers reach their breaking point, leaving players stranded without access to their new favorite shooter. However, there may be a few different tips and tricks that you can utilize to get back into the game.

The first thing you’ll want to try is exiting the game and jumping back in again. While this may not seem like it could work, I can attest to multiple times that this allowed me to get back into the game, all without any other troubleshooting steps. Maybe I just got lucky and jumped in front of some other players, or the server stress let up for a little bit. But exiting the game entirely and rebooting it could get you back into the action quickly.

If this doesn’t work, however, there are a few other options you could try. Restarting your console or PC could get you back into the game, as electronics also need a little bit of a break occasionally. Power your console or PC down, fully boot it back up and then try to access Payday 3 again. While waiting for your system to turn back on, you could also unplug your router to reset your internet connection. While it’s unlikely that it has something to do with your internet connection, it’s better to have every option covered before the final step.

If none of these options are working, you could take a few different steps. The first you could try is uninstalling and reinstalling the game. There could be a corrupted file that is causing some issues, so uninstall the game on your console or try verifying your game files on Steam to see if this is the case. Try reaccessing the game and see if it’s working.

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The final option would be waiting it out patiently. While this may not be the most preferred method, it’s going to be the most foolproof at this point. The team at Starbreeze Studios is very aware of the issues that have damped the experience with this game and is working hard to ensure that the game is in a playable state as quickly as possible. A massive push is coming in the coming days to get the servers running optimally, so we may finally be out of the woods soon.

Whether this is your first Payday experience or you’ve been around since The Heist days, we’ve got you covered on everything you’ll want to know about this new game in the franchise. Be sure to check out our Payday 3 section below so you can get ready to play with your friends once these server issues have been worked out.

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