How to Fix Palworld Session Search Error

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Even if you’re not attempting to play the multiplayer component of Palworld, which allows up to 32 players to hop into a single server for an adventure, you may still stumble upon an error or two. Here is how to fix the Palworld session search error.

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How to Fix Session Search Error in Palworld

When you attempt to join a game, you may experience the session search error, which will pop up and prevent you from accessing a game world. Here are a few fixes to resolve the problem:

  • Exit out of the game, then restart Palworld. You may occasionally need to check your task manager to ensure all background applications and instances of the game have completely closed before restarting.
  • Once you restart, select ‘Change World Settings‘ from the main menu for your name world, then turn multiplayer “Off.”
  • Start up the game world as usual.

An alternative fix is to ensure you’re not dealing with a corrupted or missing file, which you may accomplish by verifying the game’s files. Here’s a step-by-step to do that:

  • Open Steam, navigate to Games, then right-click Palworld.
  • Select “Properties.”
  • Choose “Installed Files,” then “verify integrity of game files.”
  • Depending on the size of the game, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to tens of minutes to complete. Be patient!
  • If you have any missing or corrupted files, Steam will redownload them promptly.

What Causes the Palworld Session Search Error?

The session search error typically occurs because of a poor connection to the multiplayer server, so turning the game from multiplayer to single-player will often help resolve the problem.

However, it’s occasionally because a necessary file key to playing online is missing or because the game requires an update. Palworld is still in Early Access and, as such, will require significant work to its netcode to ensure stable connections online.

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