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How to Fix No Achievements Error in Hi-Fi Rush

Get that recognition, dude!

by Matt Vatankhah

For some players, achievements are one of the biggest motivators to keep grinding through a game. What better way to say “Yeah, I did that” than knocking out every challenge a game can throw at you? Hi-Fi Rush, the critically-acclaimed rhythm action game by Tango Gameworks, has plenty of achievements to work towards, but some players are having issues with them showing up at all. If you’re not receiving confirmation for your gaming triumphs, continue reading to learn how to fix the missing achievements error in Hi-Fi Rush.

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How to Fix No Achievements Error in Hi-Fi Rush

Players on the Hi-Fi Rush subreddit have recently shared similar issues together, claiming that the achievement popup confirmations don’t seem to be appearing after completing a challenge. Luckily, this seems to be easily fixable. Try out the following methods to get your achievements working again:

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1) Quit Out of Hi-Fi Rush

First, exit the game completely. If you’re on Xbox, ensure that Hi-Fi Rush isn’t still in your “quick resume” queue by closing the application.

2) Restart Your PC/Xbox

Next, do a full restart on your Xbox or PC, whichever you may be playing on.

3) Check Your Internet Connection

Achievements will only popup and register while you’re online and connected to the Xbox servers. While your system restarts, check that you have a stable internet connection by running a speed test, or by restarting your modem/router.

4) Check Alternate Sources

If you have the Xbox app on your phone, you can check on your achievements popping up through it. Alternatively, you can check the Hi-Fi Rush achievement library to find out if they’ve been registering without notifying you.

5) Check the Xbox Server Status

If none of the above methods work, the Xbox servers may just be suffering from stability issues. Because achievements are tied to their servers, any downtime will result in achievements not popping up. Check the Xbox Server Status page to find out if that’s the case, but don’t worry, your achievements will still be recorded once the servers are back online.

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