How to Fix Destiny 2 Sound Bug After Update

A bug in Destiny? Unheard of.

Destiny 2 players have suffered all manner of bugs, errors, connectivity issues, and strange happenings in their favorite looter shooter. And, as of April 20, things continue to be strange and frustrating. Here’s how to fix the Destiny 2 Sound Bug after the Update.

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How to Fix Destiny 2 Sound Bug After Update

On Tuesday, April 18, Bungie released a massive patch for Destiny 2. This patch included some great things, like huge buffs for the assault rifle and the long-awaited Quicksilver fix, but it was clear from the start that it was hard to implement. What should have been an hour of two of maintenance stretched for hours, and when it was finally released an entire host of bugs was still present.

These bugs ranged from perks and aspects not working to, as you’ve likely experienced, sound not working properly.

If you’re one of the unlucky guardians who’s experienced distorted sound in-game, you’re not alone, and Bungie is well aware of the situation. Fortunately, we do have a workaround.

To try to stop this issue, disable 3D audio, such as native 3D audio on the PS5, or Atmos/Windows Sonic on PC or XBOX.

Here’s how to do that.

Disabling 3D Audio on the PS5

  • Go to settings on your console menu
  • Select Sound
  • Select Audio Output
  • Ensure that Enable 3D Audio for Headphones is disabled

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Disabling Atmos on PC

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Music
  • Under audio, select Dolby Atmos
  • Turn Atmos off

Disabling Windows Sonic or Atmos on Xbox

  • In your console menu, go to Settings
  • Select Audio Devices
  • Select Audio Output
  • Select Windows Sonic/ Dolby Atmos for Headphones
  • Turn off Window Sonic / Dolby Atmos

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a patch that will fix the host of bugs the last patch brought. Maybe we’ll get it in the coming days, maybe we’ll have to wait until reset. But, hey, at least we have a new story mission? If you haven’t done it yet, check out our guide here: How to Complete Retribution in Destiny 2.

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