How to Fix Community Chest Freezing Bug in Monopoly GO

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Monopoly GO community chest freezing
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Have you ever gotten close to getting a 50-times multiplier on your community chest in Monopoly GO, only to have it freeze and prevent you from claiming those satisfying rewards? Here are some quick tips to fix this problem.

Monopoly GO – How to Fix Community Chest Freezing Bug

The best way to solve the community chest freezing issue is to close and reopen your Monopoly GO app. In most cases, doing this will lead you back to the community chest, allowing you to resume your key selection.

Furthermore, if the app freezes while you are in the middle of picking a person or key to add to the community chest, the game will include this when you open it. In other words, you will get your 25- or 50-times multiplier, even if it froze just before you claimed your prize.

As of now, Scopely is investigating and fixing the issue. However, since there is no exact date for when they will release a patch, restarting the app is a temporary solution until then.

Unfortunately, while this works for most cases, it isn’t guaranteed to work every time, especially if the game froze due to issues with your phone’s hardware or other external factors. In these situations, you may have to check whether your phone has any problems, particularly after software updates.

If you’re sure it is a game-side issue and restarting Monopoly GO doesn’t solve the problem, contact Scopely customer support. From here, they can walk you through the necessary steps to regain lost items, fix your community chest, or redirect you to official support pages.

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