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How to Fix Client Requested Disconnect in Overwatch 2

Maybe they should be Overwatching their servers, 2.

If you’re looking to get into a match of Overwatch 2, there’s a good chance that you’re currently running into a particularly nasty error message, stating that the Client Requested Disconnect. Just know that this is thankfully not your fault, but there are a few different reasons why this could be happening. Let’s jump right into the shoes of our favorite hero, and find out what is causing this issue, and if there is anything that you may be able to do to connect back to your favorite game as quickly as possible.

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What Can Cause The Client Requested Disconnect Error In Overwatch 2?

There is a particularly nasty issue that is currently plaguing Overwatch 2, as well as a fair number of other Blizzard titles. At this moment, they are, sadly, facing another DDOS attack on their servers. This means that some issues are keeping players from connecting to a variety of their favorite games, and it seems that Overwatch 2 fans may need to wait this one out for a bit.

There really isn’t much that you can do at this moment besides trying to ride out the storm before you can get back to your favorite hero shooter, but if you’re looking to try a few different things, give these a shot.

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Reboot your console or PC of choice and see if this error has vanished alongside the other small errors that you may have been experiencing during your game session. As with any electronic, a small period of rest can do wonders for your machine and could get you back into the action faster than expected. You could also try to reboot your router to see if a fresh connection to your ISP can help this ship sail quicker.

Otherwise, keeping your eye on Blizzard’s Social Media accounts, alongside third-party sites like DownDetector may show when things are back up and running as per expected. While you’re waiting to get back into the fun, make sure to check out our Overwatch 2 section below, where you can improve your skills and learn more about your new favorite game.

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