How to Fix Audio Issues in Minecraft Legends

What keeps ruining the vibe here?

One of the most iconic parts of Minecraft just so happens to be its memorable soundtrack, which Minecraft Legends builds upon in a plethora of different ways. However, if you’re playing on a PC, there is a good chance that you may encounter some audio stuttering that can completely ruin the vibe of the adventure you’re about to partake on. What’s causing this issue, and is there an easy fix to it? Thankfully, there is, so let’s jump right in and find out what’s making your audio and music s-s-skip a beat.

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How To Fix Audio Stuttering In Minecraft Legends

If you’re hoping to keep the party going into the night, you’ll need an electrifying and exciting soundtrack to keep things moving in the right direction. Minecraft Legends knows how to keep the action intense and the downtimes feeling chilled out, but this can be rather aggravating if you find yourself running into the different audio issues that seem to be plaguing users across the PC landscape.

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If you’ve downloaded any sort of audio enhancement system, like Razer 7.1 or Razer THX, disable those for the time being. That is likely the case, at least for the time being, and tends to be the main reason that there are a variety of audio issues. If you have disabled these programs and still find yourself experiencing some different issues, try giving your PC a reboot or uninstall and reinstall Minecraft Legends.

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in too much of a pickle when it comes to this issue. In the short time I’ve been playing on PC, I haven’t experienced any issues after disabling Razer Synapse and Razer 7.1. Xbox Series X audio has been perfect since the get-go, but that is also because there are no drivers that could be messing with it in the background.

While it may be unfortunate that you won’t be able to take full advantage of these perks that your headphones offer, you’ll find that this likely will be fixed when some of the first patches hit. For the time being, you may sadly need to play in 2.1 instead of full surround sound.

If you’re struggling to master the world around you, make sure to take some time out and dig right into our Minecraft Legends page, where you can find details about where to find different materials and when you can expect to finish the campaign.

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