How to Fix “A Character With That Name Already Exists” Error in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft has been THE MMORPG for a very long time, but sadly, it’s not perfect – errors and mishaps can happen from time to time, and one of these errors is the “A Character with that Name Already Exists” which you can see when you are attempting to log in to your chosen World of Warcraft server. Since you can’t log in, you are probably worrying a lot.

Don’t worry, your character didn’t go full Skynet on you and start its own life while fooling you that you have successfully logged out. Prima Games will help you get reunited with your dear character in WoW in no time.

How to Solve “A Character With That Name Already Exists” Error in WoW

Solving this error should be pretty easy. You just need to shake some things up a bit on the WoW server, from your side, to “remind” it that you have logged out.

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  • Log in to another character of yours, log out, and try hopping on the character that’s giving you the error again. If you have only one character, create one random character just for testing purposes.
  • Due to add-ons sometimes causing issues, reset them (Blizzard official guide)
  • If both of these actions fail, wait about half an hour from your original logout from the “stuck” character. This is the approximate time it will take the server to automatically kick your character out due to inactivity.

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We hope that either of these fixes has allowed you to play with your character but should this fail as well, reach out to Blizzard Tech Forum or their support team for advanced troubleshooting and investigation of the issue. Godspeed!

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