How to Find Unattached Modules in Starfield

What tiny part could it be?

Starfield Star Eagle Ship Builder
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When building your ship in Starfield, there are a lot of different potential errors you need to keep in mind. The most common for a lot of people is the need to assign ship weapons to a group, found by switching tabs in the Flight Check menu. One other issue can be confusing at times but makes more sense once you understand more about Structural ship parts. Here’s how to find unattached modules on your ship in Starfield.

How to Fix the Ship Has Unattached Modules Error in Starfield

Starfield Unattached Modules
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To find modules of your ship that are unattached in Starfield, you’ll want to hover over any part of your ship and either double-click with the mouse or double-tap RB on controller. Excluding the piece you’re hovering over, this will highlight all attached ship modules in red. If any ship parts aren’t attached, then they won’t be highlighted in red. From there, all you need to do to fix this is attach the modules to someplace on your ship.

While the image above shows a pretty obvious piece being unattached, some ship parts will be less obvious as to why they aren’t attached. Certain Structural ship modules, for example, don’t have attach points in certain spots, meaning they may not actually actually be attached. I had this issue with a previous rendition of my own ship, where the tail end wasn’t attached for the same reason.

How to Reattach a Ship Module in Starfield

In most cases, attaching a ship module again is as easy as putting it back into place. You also have the option of undoing previous moves on that specific ship module. This can be done either by holding Left Control and Z on keyboard, or by pressing the left DPad button on controller. You can also redo using the other listed button if you prefer. The other method is by adding a ship module with attach points, as mentioned below.

The Best Way to Attach Ship Modules in Starfield

Starfield Ship Modules With Attach Points
Screenshot by Prima Games

The easiest way you can attach ship modules in Starfield is by using Habs. Compared to Structural ship pieces that can be finicky with their placement, most habs will always include attach points on their front, back, sides, top, and bottom. They’re the Starfield equivalent of a LEGO piece, only with more attachment options.

The other best way is through some select Structural pieces, but you’ll want to keep a close eye on those attach points to be certain. A great example of a Structural piece with good attach points is the Deimos Cowling – Fore as shown in the above image, which has attach points on its rear and bottom. It still looks great with them, too.

If you’re looking for help with selecting ship parts, check out our guide on the best Reactors in Starfield.

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