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How to Find the Typhon Imperator Action Figure in Destiny 2

It's a trip down memory lane

by Daphne Fama

Another week, another action figure. And this time, it’s deep within the belly of Calus’s fortress, the Typhon Imperator. Here’s how to find the Typhon Imperator action figure in Destiny 2.

How to Find the Typhon Imperator Action Figure in Destiny 2

To get to Typhon Imperator, you’re going to have to go to Ahimsa Park. Get there through Strider’s Gate or Liming Harbor, then climb the ramp up to Calus’s fortress.

Take the left path, and once you hit a dead end, turn right and drop to the next floor. There will be Cabal, but you can just run past them and take the balcony entrance to your right.

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You’ll drop into another room full of Cabal. Clear them out, then jump up to the narrow ledge on your right side. Follow that ledge to its end, and you’ll see a door.

Enter it, and you’ll be in a room with ledges on either side of you. Our goal is to get to the top left ledge. Use the boxes on the right side to make the jump.

You’ll then enter a room with a large war dog statue. But what we care about is the door to the top right of the room. Climb through and drop.

Look up to the left of the chandelier, and you’ll see a door. Use the metal cubes all around you to jump up to it. Now, we’ll just need to platform our way to the other side.

Note that the door at the end is just a trick. On the last platform, turn right and look slightly up. There is a ridge you can jump up to. But to get there, you’ll need the smaller ridge just to the right of the false door. Jump up to that first.

You’ll arrive in a room that’s full of purple jelly and a golden statue of Calus. At the statue’s feet is a portal. Jump through.

You’ll arrive in the arena. Old times, right? Clear out the Cabal, but try not to jump down if you can avoid it. The item we’re going to need to activate is to the right of us, on the shelves full of artifacts.

Once the arena is clear, approach the shelve and locate a silver bowl filled with what might be figs. Activate it, then turn around. A Vex cub will appear behind you.

You will need to collect all Vex squares within a time limit. They spawn in a specific order, and when they despawn, they point in the direction you need to go. Collect them all fast enough, and an action figure will be waiting for you at the end of the path.

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