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How to Find the Strider’s Gate Action Figure in Destiny 2

Knock down these canisters, get a prize

by Daphne Fama

A new week means two new action figures have been hidden away somewhere in Neomuna. And we don’t have to go that far! Here’s how to find the Strider’s Gate Action Figure in Destiny 2.

How to Find the Strider’s Gate Action Figure in Destiny 2

Zoom into Strider’s Gate, then jump all the way down. For this action figure, we’ll need to go to the yellow house that I suspect is where Nimbus actually lives, just to the right. If you’re confused, it’s where you place the action figures once you’ve got them.

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Our hint for the week says the following:

Strider’s Gate: Shall we play a game? A target gallery awaits; your time in lights.

Strider’s Gate is a much larger area than you might think, encompassing the Hall of Heroes, Osiris’s makeshift lab, and the large platform that Nimbus occupies. But the only place with an arcade machine is Nimbus’s home.

Approach the green arcade machine beside the bench press machine, and we’ll have a new prompt that will allow us to activate it. Equip a scout rifle before you do.

Round 1

You’ll be put on a narrow balcony where you can move from side to side. You can technically leave but don’t. Once here, you’ll notice there are a series of diamonds in the middle of the field that will slowly vanish. This is your countdown.

For the first round, you’ll want to shoot these red canisters. The next canister will appear once the first one has exploded. If the canister hasn’t exploded, the second one will not appear!

These canisters will spawn in set places, so if you miss one or run out of time, it’s easy enough to redo.

Round 2

Round 2 is a little harder. You’ll still need to shoot red canisters, but there will be way more of them this time. To extend your time, you can shoot diamonds that spawn into the field after a certain period. Destroying a diamond will completely reset your timer.

Once you’ve destroyed all canisters, the action figure will spawn. If you haven’t grabbed the Esi Terminal action figure yet, grab a sponge: here’s how to Find the Esi Terminal Action Figure in Destiny 2.

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