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How to Find the Silver Ticket in Fire Emblem Engage

You're going to have to work for that discount

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve purchased the Expansion Pack, you may be wondering where in the world some of the promised loot is. You’re not the only one. Here’s how to obtain the Silver Ticket in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Find the Silver Ticket in Fire Emblem Engage

The Silver Ticket is one of the DLC included items that give you a discount in both the item shop and the blacksmith for the rest of the game. A discount that’s incredibly handy when you have a literal army to keep equipped and alive.

But you might have noticed that you don’t receive it when you’re flooded with other items, like the Goddess Icon and Dracoshield. So, what gives? Where is it? Unfortunately, the Silver Ticket won’t come free. Here’s the process on how to obtain it.

Step 1

Complete Chapter 6.

Step 2

Wait for a notification saying that something’s been found at Lookout Point in the Somniel. Head there.

Step 3

Once Vander has noted that an island has been found off the coast, you’ll gain the option to start Tiki’s paralogue, Divine Paralogue: Dragon Temple. Head there.

Step 4

So, this is where things get… annoying. This is a difficult Paralogue with endlessly spawning enemies and a dragon that can restrict your movements. Navigate around the map and you’ll see a lake on the far North Side, with sparkles beside it.

This sparkle? Is the Silver Ticket. There’s only one path to it, which is around the temple on the right-side. Send one of your cavalry units you don’t mind not having for the battles to come in that direction, slowly working their way to the lake. Important to note is the entrance of the temple will endlessly spawn enemies every two rounds or so, and they will chase your cavalry unit down if you’re not careful.

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For that reason, I suggest sending the Calvary unit as soon as possible, while your main team is clearing out the entrance to the temple. This will give your Calvary unit time to get out of the area of aggression and let them make the trip to the ticket safely. I did not do this the first time, and I sincerely regretted it. Please learn from my mistakes.

If you fail to obtain the Silver Ticket on your first run (understandable, it’s easy to miss), don’t worry. You have the option to do these battles again in “recall” battles that offer no exp… but at least you get the ticket.

Good luck!

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