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How to Find the Liming Harbor Action Figure in Destiny 2

No appointment? No entry.

by Daphne Fama

A new week means a new action figure! So, let’s head to Liming Harbor and pick up a part-time job. Here’s how to find the Liming Harbor Action Figure in Destiny 2.

How to Find the Liming Harbor Action Figure in Destiny 2

So, we have a new action figure to hunt down. Let’s see what our clue this week is. On the bench press set, there’s a new hint. Nimbus really needs to get another table if this is where he intends to store it.

The hint reads: “Liming Harbor: Security needed at the central office to keep out intruders. Check the PDA on the crescent desk.”

We’ve really worked every type of odd job here in Neomuna, but at least security falls beneath the umbrella of what we’re best at. Killing things. Head to Liming Harbor. The desk the note refers to is in the center of the map, on the first floor.

If you’re coming from the quick travel point, turn left here. If you’re coming from Ahimsa Park, turn right.

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Approach the desk and you’ll find there are quite a few Vex here. You don’t have to do anything special, as far as I can tell. Just stand on or beside the desk and kill the Vex. Once I killed them, I jumped up on the desk expecting to activate it, but the action figure was already waiting for me.

It’s possible your experience will be different. Activate the PDA on the desk and Hobgoblins and Fanatics should spawn, with titles like “Mischievous Miscreant”. Kill them as they filter into the building. Eventually, those Hobgoblin will become Minotaurs. After the Minotaur wave, the action figure will spawn.

Once you have it, take it back to the yellow house in Strider’s Gate and put it on Nimbus’s gym bench.

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