How to Find the Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2

All that hard work culminates to this last stash...

The best way to fight the encroaching darkness is light. Here’s how to find the lighthouse key and get into the lighthouse in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find the Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2

As you traverse Watery, you’ll undoubtedly stumble across the lighthouse. This literal beacon of illuminance would surely be a powerful weapon against the darkness. But the door is locked. And, unfortunately, the lighthouse key has no select spawn location.

Similar to the final Nursery Rhyme doll, the lighthouse key is a reward for opening all 22 cult stashes. And that means you’ll find the lighthouse key in the final cult stash you open. If you’re having a bug with this item, skip to the bottom.

Because you can backtrack and open the cult stashes in any order you please, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the precise same cult stash I or another player did.

But once you do find the lighthouse key, all you need to do is go to the lighthouse door. Interact with it, and you can select the lighthouse key and open the door. Inside, you’ll find schematics for the lighthouse (with plans on making it that weapon we always knew it could be), several manuscript pages, and lots of supplies.

How to Fix Lighthouse Key Bug in Alan Wake 2

 Many players have encountered a bug when picking up the lighthouse key in the final cult stash. There are several ways to get around this.

First, pick up everything in the box except the lighthouse key. Then, try to pick up the lighthouse key.

If that doesn’t work, try interacting with a previously opened cult stash. Some players have reported that they were able to find the lighthouse key in this stash, where they were able to pick it up.

And if that doesn’t work either, you may want to try resetting your game. With luck, this will be something a patch takes care of in the future.

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