How to Find the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits

Get ready for a big battle once you locate the Frozen Dimension.

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Finding new locations can be a bit of a pain in Blox Fruits, especially since the map is less than helpful. Let’s embark on this quest to find the Frozen Dimension so we can challenge the Leviathan in its natural domain.

Where to Find the Frozen Dimension and the Leviathan in Blox Fruits

To find the Frozen Dimension, you’re going to need to ensure a few things first and foremost. To start, you’re going to want to gather up some extra players because if you find the Frozen Dimension on your own, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. We recommend bringing at least five other players with you on this journey so you can challenge the Leviathan and beat it.

Starting from Tiki Outpost, you’ll want to head to the south on a boat of your choice. If you’ve already fought the Leviathan at least once here, but just can’t remember how to get back, we strongly recommend that you bring the Beast Hunter Boat with you to ensure that you can claim a specific piece of the monster. When heading south, you’ll soon encounter an area that shows up as just question marks, meaning that you’re in the Sea Danger Level 6 zone. You’re very close now.

Keep an eye out for what looks like a massive gate made out of ice, and you’ll know that you’ve arrived. Outside of the gate, the Frozen Watcher will be waiting for you. Speak to him and begin the fight against the Leviathan to start farming for more items and possibly get you closer to unlocking Sanguine. If you don’t have enough players, as mentioned before, he will turn you away at the gate.

Much like Mirage Island, the Frozen Dimension has a 2 to 3-hour time to respawn after you have cleared it, so you will not be able to continuously farm within this new dimension. Once you have completed it, start working on other quest lines until you can return once again.

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