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How to Find the Dead Catch Records Key in Redfall

In plain sight

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing that Redfall loves, it’s locked doors. And while many of the buildings with locked doors have an alterative way inside, the Dead Catch Records studio booth doesn’t. So, here’s how to find the Dead Catch Records Key in Redfall.

How to Find the Dead Catch Records Key in Redfall

So, you’ve taken up the “Taking Back the Airwaves” quest. Or maybe you’ve found yourself in Basswood because you’re trying to complete the main story mission. Whatever the reason, you need to get into that studio, and it remains stubbornly locked.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to find the key.

Pretty much all keys in Redfall are within the same area as the door they unlock. And that’s the case for Dead Catch Records.

The key for the studio in Dead Catch Records is in the staff breakroom. Here’s how to get to it. If you’re going through the main entrance, keep left and head beneath the stairs. You’ll pass under the wooden stairs through a door. Immediately in front of you will be the key on the table.

If you’re upstairs, head downstairs using the right flight of stairs, and you’ll be in front of the kitchen. The key should be in line of sight on the table.

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Once you have it, feel free to open up the studio. But be mindful. No matter what quest you’re doing, there’s always an enemy within. I’ve noticed that they’re usually occupied when I open the door, which means it’s perfectly possible to get a sneaky hit on them before they’ll even know what hit them.

If you haven’t managed to unlock the Basswood Safehouse, you’re not alone. To do so, you’ll need the Basswood key, which can be easy to overlook. Check out where to find it here: How to Find the Basswood Safehouse Key in Redfall.

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