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How to Find Imelda Reyes in Hogwarts Legacy

Fly, fly, fly away

by Madison Benson
How to Find Imelda Reyes in Hogwarts Legacy

Remember the first few hours of Hogwarts Legacy when you had to run around on foot to different locations? Sure, Floo Flame fast travelling exists, but aside from that, you had to run around to reach various destinations. Fortunately, after some time, you unlock broom flight and can even compete against Slytherin student Imelda Reyes to test your broom upgrades. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to find Imelda Reyes in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Find Imelda Reyes in Hogwarts Legacy

During your playthrough, you’ll have to find Imelda at multiple locations. As you purchase your broom, unlock its upgrades and advance through the main story, she’ll send you letters about new timed trials you can complete, allowing you to test your broom after each improvement.

Imelda Reyes Flight Test Location

Hogwarts Legacy Imelda Flight Test Location

When you begin Flight Test, the first side quest where you’re introduced to Imelda, you’ll find her at the Quidditch Pitch west of Hogwarts. Alongside several groups of students, she’ll stand near a flying trial platform, which you can interact with to begin the first test. Once you finish the trial, you can return to Albie Weekes and tell him about the experience.

Sweeping the Competition Location

Sweeping the Competition Location Hogwarts Legacy

After progressing through the main story, Albie will send you an Owl letter about a new broom upgrade. Once you buy it, you’ll begin the Sweeping the Competition quest asking you to meet Imelda in Irondale, a Hamlet in southern Feldcroft. This time, she’s northeast of Irondale, which you can access by flying west of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame.

Sky is the Limit Location

Hogwarts Legacy Imelda Sky is the Limit Quest Location

For the last broom flight trial with Imelda Reyes, you’ll have to head down to Clagmar Coast. If you’ve been here before, you can travel southwest from the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame until you reach the quest marker. Otherwise, teleport to Cragcroft Shore and travel directly south into the new region.

From here, you’ll try one last trial with Imelda, allowing you to set another record before returning to Albie.

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