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How to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

Your own personal worker army.

by Shawn Robinson
Minecraft Allay

There’s a lot of different mobs you can find in Minecraft, but the most fun of those mobs comes from the ones that you can tame. While all hostile mobs are focused around you slaughtering them, and neutral mobs mind their own business, mobs that are friendly or can be tamed offer a lot of advantages. One such mob is hard to find but has some fair practical uses. Here’s how to find and tame Allays in Minecraft.

Where to Find an Allay to Tame in Minecraft

Kicking things off, we need to find Allays to be tamed. To do this, you’ll first need to find a Woodland Mansion which can be found within any Dark Oak Forest biome. These are impossible to miss, being about the size of a football field and the height of several trees stacked on top of one another. Once you’ve found one, you’ll want to clear it out until you find a prison of sorts. Within these prison cells are several Allays which can be freed at your leisure. Another less likely option is Pillager Outposts, where Allays can be found in cages that may spawn around it.

Taming these Allays isn’t as clear-cut as having them as a new pet until they die. Their main purpose is to deliver any dropped version of an item the player chooses to the player, making them great for picking up loose blocks when mining a considerable amount of something. As long as the Allay has one of an item given to it by the player, it will follow them endlessly. It will then pick up any of that item and fly directly to the player, dropping it on them.

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Another potential “taming” of an Allay comes through note blocks. If one makes a noise near an Allay, the Allay will fly to it and stay at it for about 30 seconds. It will then take any of its held item near it and bring it back to the note block. This could have many redstone uses, though we’ll let you experiment and see what you can come up with.

Once you know what you’re doing, managing and using Allays isn’t too difficult. Just make sure not to misclick your sword swings, or the poor blue guy might be no more. While we’re on the topic of taming, check out how you can tame a Parrot in Minecraft.

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