Starfield Deimos Armored Transport
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How to Find and Loot the Deimos Armored Transport in Starfield

Some surprisingly loot within if you look hard enough.

While missions tend to be how you find new things in Starfield, some secrets are found without interacting with missions. Hell, that’s how you find select quests, given how some of them are randomized and all. One such encounter is almost guaranteed, though how you find it and locate all of its loot is more of a mystery. Here’s how to find and loot the Deimos Armored Transport in Starfield.

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Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Walkthrough

The Deimos Armored Transport is found in the Alpha Centauri system, where you first find New Atlantis. It can be found orbiting the moon of Grissom orbiting the planet of Bondar. When you arrive, there’s likely to be one ship surrounding it so have your weapons ready to go. Once you kill the ship, get within 500 meters of the transport and dock with it.

Entering the Ship

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Entrance
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Once you enter, you’ll find yourself on the lower of two levels. You’ll be ready to explore only for the gravity and life support to shut down, then turn back on within seconds. It appears that whoever ditched this ship didn’t want to deal with whatever malfunction is causing these reboots. Either way, you won’t find much beyond a few bullets in the first room, so you should begin by searching the upstairs side rooms.

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Safe
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You can safely ignore the second room upstairs, only focusing on the one you see immediately when reaching the top of the stairs. Inside you’ll find a Novice safe, which, when opened, reveals a couple of valuable items like Credits and meds. It’s not much, but it’s something. With that cleared out, head back downstairs and through the main door.

Dealing With the Pirate Forces

The next room doesn’t have much more than a few pirates within (including one in a locked door, more on that later), except that there’s one side path you should take. After making it down to the first floor, head into the room on the right, where you’ll find a ventilation duct leading upwards. Head up once gravity is turned off, and you’ll find an Expert Contraband Cache and some Xenowarfare Tech to sell once you’ve grabbed what you can, drop back down and head into the next room.

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Console and Side Room
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You’re free to clear the next room of pirates since there’s nothing in there worth getting. The room with the large console within has our next bit of loot. This room has a storage closet on its right that houses a weapon crate and a container filled with explosives. It’s not much, but money is money. Once you’ve cleared that out, head into the elevator on the left and open the hatch.

The elevator shaft doesn’t hold much either beyond a locked door, so you’ll want to wait for gravity to turn off and head to the room on the top floor. As you progress, you’ll find a weapon rack with a few weapons and a handful of enemies that wish to kill you. Handle them with a few rounds, grab the spacesuit out of the Crew Quarters, then continue onward as there’s nothing else of value in these rooms.

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Pirate Cutthroat
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Make your way down the ramp leading from the previous room downward. Save before the next room, then deal with the surprisingly tough Pirate Cutthroat within. He won’t have anything special on him, so you’re free to proceed as usual.

Dealing With Broken Machinery

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Rotating Machinery
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The next room has a path towards some computers and a red door with a terminal next to it. When the power is on, use the terminal to open the red door (the locked elevator shaft door from earlier), then proceed to your left. This path will lead you to a room with rotating machinery, which you want to cross through only when the power is disabled.

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Broken Pipe
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Once you’re past the rotating machinery, head left and down past the broken pipe. Don’t worry; the pipe isn’t hazardous. Head through the sealed door and down to a computer. Using it while the power is active lets you open that locked door from near the beginning that I mentioned. Backtrack and head through that door.

Claiming Your Prize

Starfield Deimos Armored Transport Upper Platform
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Once you make it into the room and kill the pirate within, head up while the power is off through the open panels in the roof. At the top will be a bunch of doors, though only two can be opened. Inside the first is some of your loot, consisting of a handful of different things, including a Boutique Liquor box set. Provided you have Master Lockpicking, you’ll find some extra goodies inside the other door. While it pales in comparison to the contraband from earlier, more free loot is more free loot.

How to Sell the Deimos Armored Transport’s Contraband

Starfield Trade Authority The Den
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Regardless of whether you only got the Xenowarfare Tech earlier or the Contraband Crate’s contents, you don’t want to sell these in a big city. You risk getting caught this way and having some of your precious goods stolen. Instead, head to The Den in the Wolf system and speak with the Trade Authority member there. They’ll take the loot off your hands. While contents may vary, people tend to find around 25k credits worth of contraband. That’s nothing to scoff at.

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