How to Find and Catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Dying to the slow tick of Poison damage...

When you first encounter Munkidori, he’s up to no good. And who can blame him? Everything about his design screams mischievous monkey. But you’ll have to jump through quite a few hoops to catch him. Here’s how to find and catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How to Find and Catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

When you first encounter Munkidori, he and his gang of miscreants make a beeline to the shrine where they steal the Ogre’s masks. And immediately after that, you’re tasked with finding Munkidori and its compatriots and getting those masks back.

Fortunately, Munkidor’s location is easy to find.

How to Find Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once you’ve gathered intel about Munkidori’s location in Mossui Town, you’ll learn that he’s at the bottom left of the map. Just head west from Loyalty Plaza and make your way to the lake, and Munkidori will be on the lake’s shore.

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This will be the second time you encounter Munkidori, and he’ll be significantly bigger and stronger than when you first meet him. But you won’t be able to capture Munkidori until post-game.

If you’re at post-game and wondering where Munkidori is… he’s still right beside the lake, in the bottom left corner of the map. He has his spot, and he really likes it.

How to Defeat and Capture Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once you’re in post-game, you can fight Munkidori at the lake again. He’s much smaller and much easier to beat. But note he still packs a pretty significant punch.

Munkidori is level 70 and a Poison and Psychic-Type Pokemon.

His moves are:

  • Psychic: The target is hit with a strong telekinetic force to inflict damage. This may also lower the target’s Sp. Def stat.
  • Sludge Wave: The user strikes around it by swamping the area with a giant sludge wave. This may also poison those it hits.
  • Nasty Plot: The user stimulates the brain by thinking bad thoughts. This sharply boosts the user’s Sp. Atk stat.
  • Future Sight: Two turns after this move is used, a hunk of psychic energy attacks the target.

Munkidori’s stats skew towards Special Attack and Speed, with its Special Attack being 204 and its Speed being 175. So, having a Pokemon that can tank its attacks while you whittle down its health and chuck Ultra Balls at it is imperative.

I highly recommend Tyranitar for this fight. Or another Ground and Dark-Type Pokemon, like Krookodile. If you conquered the legendary Pokemon in the main campaign, Ting-Lu is good, too. A Ground and Dark-Type Pokemon will prevent half of Munkidori’s attacks from landing and only take half damage from its Poison attacks. Likewise, Pokemon with Ground attacks can access moves like Sand Tomb, Dig, and Earthquake to lower Munkidroi’s health. But note, approach Munkidori with a delicate touch. It’s very easy to destroy its health in one move if your Pokemon is overpowered.

Once you have your ace, bring plenty of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls. Munkidori can be very stubborn, so Pokeball spam is to be expected.

If you’re feeling a little underleveled, grabbing the Bloodmoon Beast before the fight can help you boost those levels.

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