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How to Find and Beat the Shadetree Killer Underboss

One bloodsucker down, countless more to go

by Daphne Fama

One of the first safehouses you’ll likely find is the Shadetree Height’s Safehouse. Once you complete the first mission on the board, you’ll soon get a call from Eva asking you to kill a local vampire menace. The Shadetree Killer. Here’s how to find the Shadetree Killer Underboss and how to kill them.

How to Find and Beat the Shadetree Killer Underboss

For every region in Redfall, there’s a safehouse. And for every safehouse, there are two missions you can complete. The first mission is fairly innocuous, and generally involves getting supplies, surveying, or helping any potential survivors.

But once you’re finished with that mission, you’ll be able to accept the Underboss mission for that region. Underbosses are powerful vampires that haunt a neighborhood, but defeating them allows you to capture the neighborhood they’re in.

So, let’s jump right into how we can find and kill the Shadetree Heights Underboss.

How to Find the Shadetree

  • Travel to Shadetree Heights Safehouse and exit.
  • Cross the road and climb the hill until you see a house.
  • On the right side of the house, you’ll see a tree trunk. Climb onto this trunk to jump onto the balcony of the house.
  • Head downstairs to the kitchen to find the basement door.
  • Head into the basement.
  • Open the door to the right, but he won’t be there. He’ll spawn in the main area of the basement.

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How to Kill the Shadetree Killer Underboss in Redfall

  • Equip your best shotgun, stake launcher, or UV Beam gun. This is a close quarter fight and you’ll only be fighting one vampire.
  • The Shadetree Killer is a Siphon vampire. If you haven’t encountered a Siphon vampire before, they’re capable of sending out scarlet tentacles that will drain your blood.
  • If you see them use tentacles or you get latched onto, hide behind cover or go into the secondary room in order to break line of sight.
  • When he’s not using tentacles, he’s pretty passive, so get in close to do as much damage with your guns as possible.
  • He’s a bullet sponge, so even your best weapons might feel like you’re slapping at him with a pack of wet tissues. Keep at it, retreat when necessary to heal up, and whittle away his health.

Once he’s dead, back away from his corpse. He’ll release red mist once he dies, which can damage you. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. He’ll leave on his pile of ashes an underboss skull, which will be useful later once we start accessing the lairs of vampire gods.

If you’re struggling with this fight, having your final ability unlock really makes it much easier. Layla’s vampire ex-boyfriend laid some key hits into this guy’s face before he exploded into red mist. Check out how to unlock your final ability here: How to Unlock the Final Hero Ability in Redfall – Answered.

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