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How to Find Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail

Get ready for complete and utter destruction

by Madison Benson
Honkai Star Rail How to Find Ancient Coins

Honkai: Star Rail lets you find all kinds of items for various reasons. Want to restore HP? Eat a bowl of fried rice. Are you trying to level up your character? Look at travel diaries and tell Dan Heng to read faster. Ancient coins are unique since you can get an achievement for collecting them! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to find ancient coins in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Find Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail

Ancient coins are classed as a “mission item” in the game, and, despite there being no clear indicator of which quest they’re used in, they do have one use. Collecting three of these coins will unlock an achievement and get some Stellar Jades as a reward!

That said, there are two ways to find ancient coins in Honkai: Star Rail:

  1. Break destructible objects in Jarilo-VI
  2. Search trash cans in Belobog

Yep. Get ready to get your hands dirty!

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If you want to get three of these coins quickly, destroying objects is your best bet. Look around any area in Jarilo-VI for shining objects like barrels, crates and metal cylinders for the blue crosshair marker shown below. If you see one, hit it for a chance to get an ancient coin!

Destructible Objects for Ancient Coins Honkai Star Rail
Look around for shiny objects with this marker!

While you’re not guaranteed to find coins with each object, you can easily get three or more if you destroy any you spot.

Another method to obtaining ancient coins is searching trash cans around Jarilo-VI. Similar to the objects, you won’t find coins in every bin and may even get other items instead. Nonetheless, you can discover all kinds of interesting and funny dialogue while searching trash cans, so it’s worth going through them just for that.

What Are Ancient Coins Used for in Honkai: Star Rail?

Even though they’re described as a mission item, one of their main uses is to complete the “Twinkly, Winkly” achievement. You’ll find this under “The Memories We Share“, rewarding you with five Stellar Jades for obtaining three ancient coins. While there are no other known uses for this item, you’ll at least get a small prize for collecting them!

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