How to Find All Hidden Cactuars in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7) – Location Guide

The Shinra Middle Manager is so wholesome

Who doesn’t love a little scavenger hunt? Here’s how to find all the Hidden Cactuars in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7).

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How to Find All “Cactuar Caper” Hidden Cactuars in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (FF7)

As you take control of Aerith and Tifa, you’ll find no shortage of ways to earn Companion Cards and swimwear. But one of the most difficult challenges might be finding all the hidden Cactuars scattered around Costa Del Sol. There are four total Cactuars to find.

How to Find the Pier Hidden Cactuar in FF7 Rebirth

Once you speak to the Cactuar Caper attendant and team up with the Shinra Middle Manager, you’ll be sent on your way to find all four hidden Cactuars. These Cactuars are actually just images plastered to a flat surface, and all the Hidden Cactuars you need to find are pink. Any other Cactuar is a fake that won’t count towards your total.

The first and easiest one to find is on the nearby dock. Head down the ramp to the right of the Estudio de la Luna booth, and you’ll see a wooden dock. Keep going straight and go down the left dock. There will be a pink Cactuar plastered on a concrete tetrapod. This is our first Cactuar! There’s a fake one at the end of the right deck. But you can’t take a standard screenshot of the Pink Cactuar. Instead, press Up on the D-Pad to pull up the camera.

You’ll then need to focus your crosshair on the Cactuar. Once you do, you’ll see numbers pop up to the bottom right of the circle. You’ll then need to use R1/L1 to zoom in and out of the Cactuar. For this Cactuar, you’ll need to zoom in to 70.0. The amount you’ll need to zoom in is determined by the percentage marked beside it on the map, which you can pull up by pressing the left button on your d-pad when you’re not in camera mode. Each Cactuar has a different amount of scope required.

Once you’ve hit 20.0 on the zoom, the circle and the numbers should become green. When this happens, pull R2 to take a picture. Once you do, the Shinra Middle Manager will come over to celebrate

How to Find the Wharf Hidden Cactuar

We’ll tackle the most out-of-the-way Cactuar next. Head over to the wharf where the Shinra-8 cruise ship is docked. But we won’t go down towards it. Instead, we’ll stop short. When you see a small shack of a shop, turn left towards the ocean. Head towards the concrete railing.

A woman in a blue skirt will say, “Warmer, warmer!”. You’ll also see a few children gathered around a fire hydrant. The next Cactuar is plastered on this fire hydrant! Zoom in to 30.0 for this Cactuar and snap a picture.

How to Find the Run Wild Hidden Cactuar

After you’ve collected the second Cactuar, head back to the main street and turn left at the Tourist Information booth. Go up the stairs and then up the cement ramp. Once you see the large Chocobo statue, stop. Turn left and look up.

You’ll see the next Cactuar painted on the rocks above you. You’ll need to hit around 10.0 zoom to take the picture. You may also need to back away from the painting if you can’t get your zoom to go that low. The further away you are from the Cactuar, the lower the zoom.

How to Find the Final Hidden Cactuar in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

For our last Hidden Cactuar, head back to the main street. Make a beeline to the changing room in Surf & Sunftan, which is the same building you used earlier to walk out onto the beach. Then, look up at the sign. Our final Cactuar is there, to the left of the name.

Zoom in to 40.0% and snap that photo. You’ll get a little cutscene with the Shinra Middle Manager. But more importantly, you can report your success to the Estudio de la Luna and get a companion card for Aerith! The Companion Card can then be redeemed for a bathing suit at the open-air booth just to the left of the Studio.

If you want to take a break, why not grab the Pedometer Pin and rack up some free gil? Or keep earning those Companion Cards by finding all the missing Wheelies.

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