How to Find All 13 Hidden Nessies in the Firing Range of Apex Legends

An entire pack of plushie plesiosauri primed for picking

Season 17 has come with a big new patch and plenty of changes. Including to the Firing Range, which has its own set of secrets. There are thirteen hidden Nessies scattered through it! Here’s how to find all thirteen hidden Nessies in Apex Legend’s Firing Range.

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All 13 Hidden Nessies Locations in the Firing Range of Apex Legends

This is about to be a journey. Many of these Nessies are pretty straightforward to get, especially if you know where to look and what you do, but it’s still pretty time consuming! There are ten green Nessies which don’t require you to do anything special, then three special colored Nessies. Here’s how to get all thirteen, starting with the greens, then moving into the specials.

Green Nessies

So, there are 10 Green Nessies and you don’t really have to do anything special to collect them beyond finding them! Let’s get into it,

Green Nessie 1

Upon spawning into the Firing Range, exit and immediately turn left. We’re going to enter the leftmost spawn room.

Once you’re inside this spawn room, look left behind the crates. The Nessie sort of blends into the shadows but it’s there!

Green Nessie 2

To find the second Nessie, we’re going to slide down the hill towards the armor and weapons. Head right towards the Red Weapon. Right beside them, you’ll find a much more obvious second, Nessie.

Green Nessie 3

Head towards the Dummy in the middle of the arena, then go past him towards this building.

You’ll want to head to the back of this building, where you’ll see stairs.

Beneath these stairs is the third Nessie. She is very hard to see. Sneaky!

Green Nessie 4

Now that you have Nessie 3, look up and you’ll see a tall watchtower.

We need to get to the very top of this point of interest (actually called the Belfry). Once you’re at the very top, you’ll find Nessie by a chair.

Green Nessie 5

So, it’s much easier to get to this Nessie if you have a Mobility legend like Pathfinder or Valkyrie. This is where we’re headed to if you’re following along. From the Belfry, Pathfinder’s Ult reaches it just fine.

Technically, this Nessie is out of bounds, so grab it quick then jump down on the rail, which will take us to the rest of our plushie plesiosauruses.

Green Nessie 6

Once you reach the base of the mountain, you’ll see two trees. Jump off! This next Nessie is in a tree, which we’ll have to climb. That makes Revenant a good choice.

When you’ve located Nessie, you’ll have to jump and grab it. I found this to be exceptionally tedious and finicky, but what worked for me was going a little above it, jumping, and then spawning the hell out of my interact button. Eventually, you’ll get a Nessie noise and an inventory notification.

Green Nessie 7

Now that we’ve grabbed that one, turn right towards the cliff beside you. You’ll see an island with a moving target.

Make your way over there with any Legend you like. On the back of this island, hidden beneath a ledge, is our next Nessie.

Green Nessie 8

With that done, return to the tree where we found Nessie 6. Beside this tree to the right is a zipline.

Head up it and you’ll see a dropship on a raised platform. That’s where our next Nessie is waiting for us! Go inside it to grab this plush.

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Green Nessie 9

Almost there! The next one is pretty far, on the other side of the map, just past the sparring pit.

This Nessie doll, like number 7, is also hidden under a ledge. If you’re having a hard time locating the specific ledge, head towards the ocean from between the two giant bones of The Pit. Head slightly right, and you’ll see some rocks that jut out over the edge in a smooth incline. Go to the end of this rock and jump down.

You’ll land on a platform that has both Nessie and Wattson dolls! Cute! And weird!

Green Nessie 10

Now, let’s get that last Nessie doll! And fortunately, it’s very close. If you’re following this guide, you can see our next point of interest from where you’re standing on the ledge.

But if you’re not, that’s okay. You need to climb the giant mountain, that’s the highest point of interest. This is Wolf’s Peak. Once you’re at the very top, you’ll find Nessie sitting on top of a supply cache. Nice!

That’s all 10. Now, let’s dive into how to get the special Nessies.

How to Get Pink Nessie in Apex Legends

To get the Pink Nessie, you’re going to need to kill 100 dummies. The test dummy at the center has the fastest respawn time, and throwing knifes are a good shout for their infinite ammo and quick headshot kills. I got a snack and watched a video while doing it.

Once you have 100 kills, head up to the very top of the Belfry. You know, where we found Nessie 4!

Once you’re up there, you’ll see the Pink Nessie waiting for you at the end of the steel rod that’s connected to the zipline.

How to Get Gold Nessie in Apex Legends

So, there’s a lot of discussion about how to unlock the Gold Nessie in Apex Legends.

I feel very confident that the method is to hit all points of interests, then use Charge Tower. Here are all the points of interests:

  • Training Grounds – the central part of the map.
  • The Agility Course – Below where you find Green Nessie 5.
  • The Tech Tunnel – Sort of built into the wall of the Agility Course.
  • Wolf’s Peak – The peak of the tallest mountain on the edge of the map where Nessie 10 is located.
  • The Pit – Very close to the edge of the map, near Green Nessie 9. It’s a sunken circular area.
  • The Belfry – The tall tower where you find Pink Nessie and Nessie 4.
  • Raven’s Nest – The platform right above the area where you spawn in.

If you’ve grabbed all 10 Green Nessies, it’s likely you’re only missing The Agility Course and The Tech Tunnel. Possibly The Pit as well.

Get those points of interests to show up on the top left of your screen, then go to the Charge Tower near the spawn point. Use it, then head back to the middle spawn room. It will be in the far back left corner behind a crate.

How to Get Blue Nessie in Apex Legends

Getting the Blue Nessie is a little more difficult. You can slide down the hill, where you’ll see a dummy at the center. Grab the Throwing Knife on the right side, beside the Geren Nessie.

Return to the center, and stand between the two crates in front of the central dummy. Look at the ground, and you’ll see two divets along the seam of the two metal tiles. Stand on very close to these divets.

Our goal is to throw the Throwing Knife into the air (shooting straight up) and have it do a headshot to the central dummy.

Line up your crosshair to the central dummy’s head, then drag your camera back to the skybox. Throw and hope it hits the dummy in the head. It must be a headshot. Two body shots that kill the Dummy is not enough.

Once you get a headshot, turn around and head back towards the spawn. Right above where you spawned in will be a box you can zip line to on either side. This platform is called the Raven’s Nest, and the Blue Nessie will be overlooking the Firing Range.  

And… yeah! That’s it. There’s no big reward beyond the thrill of the hunt. Ian Holstead, Apex Legend’s gameplay programmer, has implied that there might be more in the future. But we’ll have to see!

If you’re curious what else has come to Apex Legends beyond this cool new firing range, check out our article here:  All Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, Listed.

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