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How to Feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Be warned, they have high standards

by Michael Freeman

With the Scar content now live in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may be tempted to immediately venture forth to meet him. However, the update included a multitude of extra things too like bug fixes, quality-of-life changes, and even the ability to befriend ravens. It has been speculated we’d eventually get to interact with the birds and the time appears to be now. The good news is it’s relatively easy to approach and feed them too.

Where to Find Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The most consistent place to find ravens appears to be the northwestern part of the Forgotten Lands. The five types of ravens you’ll see flying around are classic, brown, white, red, and blue. As you begin your approach, they will take to the air and fly in circles. When they do this, wait for them to land back on the ground and it will be safe to begin getting closer to them again. Once you close the gap, you can hit the interact button to feed them.

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What to Feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Like people, animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley have favorite foods they enjoy. Most of the critters are satisfied with pretty much anything you feed them, but ravens have a refined palate. These picky birds prefer 5-star recipes, so you’ll have to spoil them. The good news is any 5-star recipe seems to do the trick. Knowing that, making something like the Large Seafood Platter is advised since you only need four types of seafood and lemon to make it.

Though it’s suggested to make the Large Seafood Platter, there are a few dozen 5-star recipes currently available if you’d rather make a different one. You can also check our guide about the Best Easy 5 Star Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley for inspiration!