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How to Fast Travel in Star Ocean The Divine Force

I can't make jokes about this in good faith, sorry everyone

by Lucas White

There’s a lot of ground to cover in Square Enix’s expansive, new sci-fi/fantasy hybrid JRPG. Star Ocean The Divine Force contains a huge map full of large, open areas full of items, doodads, and enemies. But when it comes time to backtracking, running through old spots can be very tedious. Luckily, there’s a handy and super easy fast travel mechanic. Here’s how to use it.

First of all, you need to progress through the story a bit. You’ll know when because the game will tell you, but it really isn’t far in. After that you can open up the map, then Press R2 or your controller’s equivalent. That’ll swap the area map screen to a world map, with white diamonds marking every location you’ve previously been through. For the most part, you can pick any one of those and pop right over.

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There are some exceptions and a caveat to all this, though. As you’ll notice in one of my screenshots there’s a big, red “NO” indicator on the map. Travel to certain spots can be restricted depending on where you are in the story. You also might be an area you can’t just zip out of. But for the most part that’s not an issue. But if you’re a lore junkie there’s something else to consider.

If you fast travel, you’re eliminating the opportunity for some dialogue that can trigger while you’re running around in the great outdoors. Sometimes it’ll be something you’ve heard two or three times already, but there’s usually something fresh after story developments. The game even warns you every time you fast travel, that there’s a chance you’re gonna miss out on something. Of course, since it displays the warning every time, you won’t actually be missing something with each jump.