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How to Fast Travel in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Why walk when you can break the laws of physics

by Daphne Fama

The Paldea Region is vast. And if you’ve just started your journey, there’s no doubt that its flowing, unbound fields and forests were a Siren call that many trainers weren’t able to resist. Who can blame you? There’s Pokemon out of the whazoo in every direction.

But if you’re a fan of autobattling (or even normal battling) it’s likely it didn’t take long at all for your poor team of Pokemon to get low on health. There are Pokestops littered across Paldea, but they’re scarcely an easy hike back. Even if you jump on your motorcycle-transforming legendary, it can still be quite tedious.

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But did you know that you can actually zoom back to any Pokemon Center, landmark, or city you’ve visited in the past? Yep! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet blessedly have fast traveling. And though The Pokemon Company threw every single tutorial in our face (including emotes and how to change our outfits) they didn’t provide this instruction, even though it might be the life-changing mechanic in the game.

How to Fast Travel in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you want to fast travel, Press the Y button on your Switch controller. This will bring up your map. With the left stick, you can move your Rotom-style cursor around the map. Scattered across the map, you’ll see the white wing symbol. These symbols are fast travel points.

Click them, and you’ll be instantly transported across the map. No more enduring the assault of 10,000 Lechonks and Scatterbugs who are determined to throw themselves beneath the wheels of your Miraidon.

Fly free, trainer!

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