How to Farm Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

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If you want the best weapons and accessories in Final Fantasy 16, you’re going to spend a lot of time hunting down rare and exclusive crafting materials. And Scarletite might be one of the rarer ones in the game. Here’s how to farm Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Farm Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

As you’ve progressed through the game, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across a few weapon recipes at Blackthorne’s anvil. These recipes are for weapons and accessories you’ll naturally want to get your hands on, ranging from the Excalibur to the Drakeslayer’s Belt.

But to make them, you’ll need Scarletite. And unfortunately, there’s only a handful of this rare metal in the game. You can get it through Notorious Hunts and by completing a singular side quest.

How to Find Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16: Notorious Marks

Notorious Mark NamePrerequisite to UnlockScarletite Rewarded
Griffin (Dozmare)Part of the Blacksmith’s Blues side questx 1
A Hill to Die On (Fastitocalon)After starting the Riddle of the Sands’ main questx 2
The Ten of ClubsAfter starting Things Fall Apart main questx 1
The Man in Black (Holy Trumpitour)Complete For Great Justice II side questx 1

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How to Find Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16: Notorious Marks

There is only one side quest that seems to grant Scarletite. That side quest is Hot Water, found in the Dhalmekian Republic, The Dalimil Inn. It’s unlocked after completing the main quest Follow the Crystals.

It will be given to you by Xaver, Bathhouse Owner, located in The Baths in town. Completing it will grant you one Scarletite.

Hot Water side quest location
Screenshots by Prima Games | Hot Water side quest location

Many of the side quests in Final Fantasy 16 are straightforward. But Blacksmith Blue’s can be difficult to complete because of how hard the griffin is to find. To complete it, and get the Drakeslayer’s Belt recipe in the process, check out our guide here: Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Blacksmith’s Blues (FFXVI).

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