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How to Farm Nitro Pineapple in Harvestella

Nitrogen-filled fruits at your disposal.

by Patrick Souza

Whenever you find a roadblock in Harvestella, the first thing that comes to your mind is to blow it up as soon as you can. But that’s impossible without the right tools or, in this case, the right explosives. Level 2 Bombs are required for some of those chunkier walls, but being able to craft them is utterly useless if you can’t get your hands on the materials. One of them is known as Nitro Pineapple, and here’s how you can farm it in Harvestella.

Where to Get Nitro Pineapple in Harvestella

First of all, you won’t be getting these suspicious-looking Pineapples directly. Harvestella might be an RPG, but it’s also a farming game, so it’s time to reap and sow. You need to first obtain the Nitro Pineapple Seeds, which you can get as soon as Chapter 6 comes in.

Just like the other materials for the Level 2 Bombs, you’ll find them in the Astrum Helix Research Facility dungeon as a drop from Preserved, the plant-like enemies. You may also get them peacefully by foraging at Gathering Points around the Facility, specifically in Planetary Life Tower and Where Paradise Hatches. Make sure you have obtained Gathering Knowledge for being able to get double the materials and speed things up.

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You know what to do now with the seeds in your hands. Go back to your farm and start harvesting them. Nitro Pineapple Seeds belong to the Cavern Biome and require 6 days each to mature. They don’t need water, so don’t worry about this detail, but be aware that they won’t grow during winter. Just like most other crops, they’ll die as soon as Quietus comes around, so plan accordingly.

Harvestella has tons of secrets and some peculiarities that make this game a unique and enjoyable experience. Take a look at our other guides here at Prima Games to make sure you’re getting the most out of this somehow complex game.