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How to Farm Chromite Ore in FFXIV

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’re leveling up mining in FFXIV you’ll need to grab all sorts of different materials to complete your gathering log. You’ll also be able to use the ore you mine for crafting or sell it on the Market Board for some quick cash. Here’s how to farm Chromite Ore in FFXIV

How to Farm Chromite Ore in FFXIV

First off, if your’e looking to get Chromite Ore you’ll need to have your Miner job at level 70, which will give you access to Chromite Ore. After that you’ll need to head to The Peaks (X: 15.6, Y: 34.0) area in the Stormblood leveling zones.

The Wightrock node you need to mine will have a chance of producing Chromite Ore, but only during 10am to 10pm Eorzean time. This means you’ll need to check your clock in-game to make sure you are mining the area during these times to get as much Chromite Ore as possible.

You can also send your Retainer on Ventures if they re a level 70 Miner as well, which can net you a few extra Chromite Ores in the processionals, but this expeditions will take much longer than doing it yourself. So it’s best to mine them while your Retainer is outfitting some to maximize the amount you can get.

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