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How to Farm Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2

If you're not collecting guns, you're collecting things to make guns

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2 is a game with endless ways to customize your build, from your armor to the weapons you hold in your hand. And with over 600 weapons to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. But not all guns are created equal, and the best guns have to be crafted at the Enclave. That’s where Ascendants Alloy can come. But getting your hands on these orange golf balls is easier said than done. Here’s how to farm Ascendant Alloys in Destiny 2.

How to Farm Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2

Ascendant Alloy is one of the rarer materials in Destiny 2, and it can’t be gained by dropping your average enemy. There are only a few activities that will drop them. But before we even get to that, did you know you can just buy an Ascendant Alloy?

Every week, Cryptarch Rahool in the Tower will sell you one Ascendant Alloy. Many people don’t know this, but Rahool has two menus. From this second menu, you can purchase an Ascendant Alloy for 400 Legendary Shards. It’s a steep price, but farming Legendary Shards is much easier than farming Ascendant Alloy.

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Now, to get to the actual activities. It shouldn’t surprise you, but Ascendant Alloy and the Witch Queen Expansion are closely tied. So, the most consistent method (beyond buying it from Rahool) of getting Ascendant Alloy requires you to own Witch Queen. From there, you’ll need to make sure you’ve completed the Witch Queen campaign than the Quest Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT which can be obtained at the Evidence Board outside of The Enclave.

Once this is done, you’ll gain access to a weekly activity that will allow you to replay one mission of the Witch Queen Campaign. You can see this mission on the Throne World map, just below the icon for the Vow of the Disciple raid.

If you complete it, there’s a chance that Ascendant Alloy will drop. Do this mission on each of your three characters, then swap to the second activity: The Wellspring. The Wellspring is a weekly activity that is also accessible in the Throne World, to the far right, near the Court of Thorns. Ascendant Alloy is a possible drop here, with that drop rate increasing if you opt for Master difficulty. Just keep knocking out those Hive until you have all the Ascendant Alloy you want.

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