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How to Farm Legendary Shards Fast in Destiny 2

Even the fastest farms are a bit of a slog in Destiny

by Daphne Fama

The currency in space is strange. In Destiny 2, a looter-shooter that has you, Guardian and Champion of the Light, fighting against the primordial forces of Darkness. But even heroes need money. And Legendary Shards are precisely that. These purple splinters are one of the primary sources of currency in Destiny, and they’re used to infuse weapons and armor and purchase items in the Tower.

So, how do you get a bunch of Legendary Shards fast?

How to Farm Legendary Shards Fast in Destiny 2

The way to get Legendary Shards is by dismantling items like weapons and armor. But those weapons and armor must be at least Legendary. Dismantling them will give you a mere three to four shards, but there are a few ways to expedite this process.

  • Ghost Mods

Ghost mods are frequently overlooked, but using these mods can help optimize your grinding method. The mod we’re interested in or Legendary Shards is Prosperity. Prosperity costs 3 energy, and there’s one associated with each activity. There’s one for Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit. Select the mod that matches whatever activity it is you want to farm.

  • Strikes

The best game mode to farm is easily the Strikes. These can be memorized and run through extremely quickly, with the best to farm being Lake of Shadows in the European Dead Zone. This Strike can be completed in less than five minutes.  

  • Clean out your vault

No one wants to hear it, but if you’ve been playing Destiny for some time, you likely have a Vault absolutely stuffed with weapons that maybe, one day, you’ll use. Guardian, it’s time to let go. Shard those purple weapons that have been sitting there, untouched, for months, if not years. You’re likely sitting on a fortune of shards.

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  • Vendor Rewards

By ranking up vendors in the Tower (or on other planets), you’ll be gifted Legendary Weapons or even armor. Don’t let them sit there, turn them in and dismantle them. This is especially helpful if you’re dedicating yourself to one activity, like Strikes.

You can accelerate how many Legendary Shards you can net each day by utilizing all the opportunities afforded to you. But like much of Destiny’s content, it will be a bit of a grind.

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