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How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon GO

Putting the woo in swoon, one bat at a time

by Daphne Fama

Pokemon is all about love and the power of friendship. What Pokemon embodies that ethos better than Woobat? A Pokemon that has a literal heart in its nose? Because of this, Woobat has featured very prominently in the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event as a possible Wild Encounter but that has led many trainers to question: how do you evolve Woobat in Pokemon GO?

How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon GO

Woobat is a unique Pokemon, as it will stubbornly refuse to evolve unless you meet its specific requirements. Ply it with as many Woobat candies as you want, that will not be enough. Instead, you will need to do something a little more drastic: make friends with it.

Yes, similar to most mainline Pokemon games, which requires you to slowly build an affectionate friendship with Woobat to see it evolve, you will need to make friends with Woobat in Pokemon GO as well. However, there is only one way to do this, and that is by adding it as your walking buddy.

Adding Woobat as your designated buddy is as easy as pressing your profile picture on the bottom left side of the screen while using Pokemon GO, then clicking your current buddy Pokemon or the buddy icon. On this screen, you will then see a green button that says, “Swap Buddies”. Click it, then select the Woobat you want to evolve.

Once you have your Woobat as your buddy, you will need to walk 1 KM with it. Once you do so, you can then go to this Psychic bat’s profile page and evolve it, assuming you also have 50 Woobat Candies on hand.

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Now that you have Swoobat on your team, considering the Fast Move Confusion and the Charge Move Psychic, as this will give you the best DPS for your buck. But if you want to give your cute new bat some more coverage, Air Slash as a Fast Attack is not a bad shout!

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