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How to Evolve Toedscool into Toedscruel in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

These spawn rates are cruel.

by Daphne Fama

In the oddest twist of fate yet, the jellyfish pest Pokemon that haunted Trainers’ trips through any body of salt water has become one of the rarest and hardest Pokemon to catch. Yes, Tentacool has split off from its family tree to become the apparently delicious Toedscool, and with those little noodle legs, it often proves to be quite difficult to catch.

But if you managed to hunt down one of these gelatinous mushrooms, you might be wondering if there’s an equally irritating way to evolve it. Here’s how to evolve Toedscool into Toedscruel.

How to Evolve Toedscool into Toedscruel in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Well, this is another way you can see Toedscool’s family (mycelium) roots. Toedscool doesn’t need any particular method to evolve, you just need to grind out those levels until it hits level 30. At that point, you’ll get the Ground and Grass-type mega mushroom, Toedscruel.

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Toedscruel is a Pokemon that prefers to live in colonies deep in the forest, far away from any human interference, which is evident by how grumpy it looks when it evolves and sees that you’re still there.

But if you’re having no luck catching Toedscool and you’re desperate to catch Toedscruel, it is possible to find one in the wild. But Toedscruel remains even more elusive than its pre-evolved form. Still, if you’re determined to hunt it out (or maybe try to find the shiny version of it, which is black with white eyes and pink gummy legs) you can only find it in one location: Socarrat Trail (northwest of Casseroya Lake).

The spawn rates are low, but if you do find one, there’s also a pretty good chance it’ll be holding a Tiny Mushroom. Which is pretty cute, if you think about it.

Good luck, Trainer!

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