How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

Did you try snoring louder or snoring to a beat?

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If you’ve been sleeping on Pokemon Sleep, you’ve honestly been missing out on loads of potential cute sleeping Pokemon being added to your Pokedex. If you’ve been woke since the apps launched in your specific region, then you’ve probably been asking many questions. One of the questions has to be: How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

If this is the case, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the process. We will discuss if you need to be awake or asleep to achieve evolution, what’s needed to level up your species, and more.

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How to Evolve Your Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

To evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, you must have Candy handy. Better yet, have Handy Candy, which is Pokemon Sleep’s form of Rare Candy. You also need to keep in mind that the Pokemon you want to evolve must be at a specific level before it can evolve.

Each Pokemon’s evolution level varies depending on the Pokemon itself. In addition to this and the Candy that you must have handy, Pokè evolutions require an evolution stone, the King’s Rock, the Linking Cord, and other evolution items.

Where To Find Evolution Items in Pokemon Sleep?

To get Candy in your hand—ie in Pokemon Sleep, you’ll need to visit the Regular Exchange and Premium Exchange Shops and buy it from there. The other way you can earn Handy Candy is by completing missions.

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The going rate on sleep street for Handy Candy at the Regular Exchange is 160 sleep points, while the Linking Cord, King’s Rock, and other evolution items are around 1400 sleep points. 

Does Snoring Loudly Help Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

No, snoring loudly or snoring to a beat doesn’t help in any way, shape, or form. In fact, if you are snoring loudly or making hit singles in your sleep with your breathing, you should consider checking to see if you have any health issues and finding out what’s the cause of it all. 

Also, snoring should activate the accelerometer in your phone and be picked up on your Pokemon Sleep app. 

Do You Have to Be Awake to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

Yes, you do need to be awake to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. However, you also need to catch those Zs in order to get some sleep currency. No currency, no evolution, and no Handy Candy. 

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