How to Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

Your dreams of a shiny Charmander are coming true

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Gotta catch’em all… while in your bed! And no, I’m not talking about launching the games on your Switch a few minutes before you sleep. We now have Pokemon Sleep, the franchise’s official sleep app in which you can catch creatures while slumbering. It still has a quite limited selection of Pocket Monsters, but it’s more than enough for an app that you probably didn’t even expect to be real in the first place.

But as rare as it might be, would it be possible for the creatures we meet in this app also be in their special shiny variants? My dreams are the only places where I actually catch shinies anyway.

Can You Catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

Dream no more, as shiny Pokemon are indeed present in Pokemon Sleep. You have to be quite lucky to find (and catch) one of them, but their appearances are way more common than in most Pokemon titles.

Pokemon will start appearing around your island after you complete a full sleep schedule. You can then register them in your Pokedex and catch them if you want. And just like in other games from the franchise, all of them have a rare chance to appear in their alternative colors. More than a single Pokemon can appear at a time, and both might be shiny if you’re lucky enough.

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How to Catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

Shiny Pokemon have small odds of appearing, but these odds can be increased by having a good night of sleep (indicated by gaining a good sleeping score this night) or by regularly feeding your Snorlax, which increases his Drowzy Powder. This increases your odds for rarer Pokemon to appear, including shinies. 

Once you wake up in the morning and pick up your phone, you’ll notice Pokemon asleep on your island. Instead of throwing Pokeballs, Sleep introduces Pokeball Biscuits for catching Pokemon, and you must feed them until they are caught. Just like in the games, Great Biscuits work better than the regular Biscuits, so you might wanna save them for a potential shiny Pokemon.

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Biscuits are obtained either by progressing through the game or by buying them directly from the shop with real money. You can get plenty of Biscuits through regular play, but opening your wallet will obviously make it way easier.

Getting a shiny is still completely random, but it’s better to be prepared in any case. And if you really wanna maximize your chances, all you gotta do is fix your sleeping schedule! Japanese developer Select Button has found the perfect way to make gamers sleep better and I can’t be mad at them for that, as much as I wanted to.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if you can catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. There are still plenty of mysteries to solve as you drift off into your dreams. Check out this Pokemon Sleep quiz to see what Pokemon you sleep like.

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